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Johannesburg has some very good private kindergartens amonst them, a couple of German medium kindergartens. Most kindergartens are independent, stand alone facilities but some are connected to primary and high schools with one school offering all three phases of formal education.

Kindergartens can be just as difficult to get into as primary and secondary schools so it is a good idea to put your child’s name down as soon as possible.

To find a good Kindergarten, chat to other parents, speak to teachers from primary schools and look on the internet. A schools’s website will give you a good iead of the ethos and attitude of the school and the Facebook site can put you in touch with other parents from the school and give you an idea of how the school actually functions.

You can use these links to help you to find an English medium Kindergarten:
Jozikids Schools
The Pre and Primary School Guide
Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa School Finder


Regenbogen Kids
Located in Auckland Park and forming of the Deutsche Schule Johannesburg (DSJ), Regenbogen Kids accepts children from the age of 3 (if the child is a German speaker) and from 4 years old (if the child is not a German speaker). Children younger than this can attend the Regentropfchen facility, also run under the auspices of the Kindergarten.

Tuition is non-denominational and conducted entirely in German.

The Kindergarten aims to ready children for entry into the DSJ and does so by developing educational, linguistic and physical skills. Any children requiring extra support are able to call on the further expertise of the DSJ’s forder centre, the Phoenix Centre.

telefon: 011 726 6220 or 011 726 6221
email: dsj@dsjmail.co.za
website: Regenbogen Kids
Noah’s Ark Kindergarten
Noah’s Ark Kindergarten is situated on the premises of the German Lutheran Church Northrand in Bryanston. The educator's aim is to enrich children's lives with creative teaching based on Christian principles. More emphasis is placed on the enjoyment of creative activity than on academic achievement with the sole purpose of developing the child's personality and social skills.

The kindergarten consists of two small groups of children between the ages of two and five. By the time the children leave Noah’s Ark, they are well equipped and school-ready. Tuition is conducted exclusively in German and the teachers actively familiarise the children with the German language, culture and traditions.

Noah’s Ark is a stand alone school with many of students continuing on to the Deutsche Schule Johannesburg .

telefon: 011 700 0680
email: office@thomaskirche.org.za

Uschi Pfeffer
telefon: 082 464 4072
email: kinder@noahsark.co.za

website: Noah’s Ark Kindergarten

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