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If you live in Johannesburg, your house needs to have some security features. Installations such as burglar bars and gates, electric fences, automatic garage doors and an alarm system linked to armed response are essential.

Added security measure include, guards, patrol vehicles, closed circuit television monitoring and advanced alarm installations.


These companies install physical and electronic security systems.

Some Armed Response companies will include a free basic alarm installation when you sign a contract with them so check before you pay for this. You can always add more features on to this basic system should you wish.
DAC Security

DAC offers the complete solution in digital and electronic security. They install alarm systems, electric fencing, gate and garage motors and intercoms. DAC also installs wireless networks, wireless hifi systems and fibre optic networks.

Contact: 011 786-3177 or 011 786-3176 or 084 013 0013
Email: info@dacsecurity.co.za
Website: DAC Security
Bar One Security

Specialising in steel work, Bar One Security produce and install burglar bars, security gates, gates and custom made steel work. The company also install intercoms, electric fences, automatic gates and safes. View their complete product range on their website.

Contact: 011 791 0397 or 011 791 0396 or 011 792 6493 or 082 768 8751
Email: info@baronesecurity.co.za
Website: Bar One Security


Armed response is a service whereby trained and armed security personnel respond to your request for help. Usually, when you press a button or when your alarm is triggered.

In most instances, you would install an alarm which and link this to an armed response company. The link is normally done using a radio transmitter which communicates alarm activations. The armed response company normally leases you the radio transmitter.

Some armed response companies will include a free alarm installation if you sign up for their service.
CSS Tactical

Offering tactical response, guarding, patrolling, CCTV and security surveillance, CSS Tactital provides households and suburbs with saftety and security.

Contact: 011 577 1111
Email: info@csstactical.co.za
Website: CSS Tactical
Cortac Tactical Security

Providing integrated secuirty solutions, including alarm installations, armed response and guarding, CCTV installation and monitoring as well as off-site monitoring.

Contact: 0878 030 040or 0861 267 822
Email: info@cortac.co.za
Website: Cortac Tactial Security


You can ask your armed response service to accompany you when you leave or enter your property. Most companies offer this service at no cost and it is a good idea to use it at night, when you are returning to the property after it has been empty for a while or anytime you feel you may be at risk.

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